Yoga in the middle of stressful life!

The Director general of police in the state of Kerala, have now issued the order to the police stations across the state to implement the regular flow of yoga classes and other physical activities with the motive of stabilize and improvise the mental health conditions of the police officials across the state.

The order carries the instructions to locate the police officials who are often into stressful phase and to provide them in regular counselling and physical training to let them get rid of it. Its stated that the police officials have to make their presence in the yoga classes which planned to conduct four days in a week with 30 minutes session per day. The top cops were also instructed initiate various sports activities as the part of their job. 

This order has come as the state police is in verge of fire and investigations for the rise in custodial torture and the sessions will be carried out by the well trained mentors who can involve in counselling both personal and official life of the police officials.